About the blog

I’m just your friendly, neighborhood pharmacist who wants to share his passions for books and travel while continuing to give health-related advice.

BOOKS. I’m just a guy who recently graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy. I live on the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. Four years as a pharmacy student have left me little time to read the books I’m interested in. Hopefully, now that I’ve graduated I have more time to expand my bookish horizons. I like to vary the genres I read. Mostly I read fantasy and sci-fi with a little fiction or literary fiction, horror, mystery, and thrillers on the side. I’ve never read much non-fiction, however, maybe that’ll change.

HEALTH. While books and travel are my passion, I’ve made a career in pharmacy. As a Doctor in Pharmacy, I work in community/chain pharmacy. I’m often behind the scenes making sure everyone gets the medications they are suppose to, answering patient and doctors questions or when a patient needs me, I’ll step out to help them find what they are looking for based on their needs. There’s a reason that pharmacists are the go-to healthcare professionals for most patients, it is because we are the most accessible!

TRAVEL. As a student and later on in my life, I’ve traveled a bit and hope to share my travel experiences. For those who want genuine feedback and travel recommendations, the kind you can only get from first hand experience from a fellow traveler, stay tuned.