Vultures by Luke Tarzian. Author Interview + Giveaway

I’m joining Storytellers On Tour shine a light on the dark fantasy novel, Vultures by Luke Tarzian. Luke is a self published author. After having read the prequel novella, the World Maker Parable, and loving it I had to help shine a light on this amazing writer.

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Below is the author interview Luke so graciously granted me.

1. After reading The World Maker Parable, which is a prequel to Vultures, I have to say that in a relatively small novella you packed a lot in. It has a lot of layers to it that kept me engrossed. What was the most difficult thing about writing it?

Finding the proper structure for the story. The World Maker Parable initially started out with Rhona leading a doe from her home village to a shrine as a sacrifice, but I could never make it work. Once I realized the story had the potential to be a prequel that effectively shows the creation the Shadow Twins world, I restructured it completely to shift from past to present without it being too obvious. Guilt and the lust for power are huge themes and I wanted the structure to reflect that. 

2. You published Vultures first and then followed up with the World Maker Parable. Should readers dive into that one before starting Vultures? How do the events of World Maker Parable fit in with Vultures?

I wrote Parable as a standalone, so readers can start with either one, honestly. I think whichever one people choose to read first will make the other book that much more interesting as each has its respective Easter eggs. 

3. In Vultures, who was your favorite character to write and why? 

I think it’s really close between Cailean and Behtréal. They’re both such tortured characters (frankly, all of my characters are) but they offer an interesting contrast. Behtréal is very methodical, very poetic while Cailean is hardened by war and repeated loss, but at they’re cores they’re both people who genuinely care. Cailean is especially important to me as writing him in Vultures and his novelette The Laughing Heart helped me learn I’m bisexual. 

4. What inspired the concept of Shadow Twins? What would your shadow twin be like?

Shadow Twins was initially a throwaway term in an older project, but it lingered for a long time. Writing the actual books, I think a lot of the inspiration comes from the idea of duality, like and dark, and so a lot of Shadow Twins is about examining that dynamic. How does light affect darkness and vice verse? 

5. How many Shadow Twins books are you expecting to write? Will the next book be a direct sequel?
At least five—the original trilogy plus The World Maker Parable and A Symphony of Broken Dreams. 

6. What made you start writing fantasy? Is there any particular book, book series or author that you credit with inspiring you to write?

The possibility to escape, to just let my mind run free. I give the Harry Potter books credit for getting me into writing in general but I take a lot of cues tonally from Edgar Allan Poe and Neil Gaiman. 

7. Is there anything in particular that helps you in your creative process? Any rituals or writer’s superstitions?

A hot bath, honestly, haha. Having kids and working full time while also taking on cover art projects doesn’t leave much time to actually sit down and write, so my usual ritual as of the last couple months is to draw a hot bath and write on my phone. It’s super relaxing, and because I’ve got Scrivener synced between my phone and my computers, keeping my writing organized is actually stupidly easy. 

8. What have you been reading lately?

The Legacy of the Brightwash by my friend and peer Krystle Marat. If anyone reading this follows me on Twitter, you’ve undoubtedly seen me shouting about this book for the past month. It’s an unabashedly raw and emotional fantasy debut. A torturously beautiful, character-driven story that makes us really think about the choices we make as people and as parents. It’s, quite plainly, one of my favorite books ever and I’m excited for people to read Krystle’s work. She’s a phenomenal author. 

Thanks so much to Luke for the interview!

I am almost finished with Vultures and I’m loving it!

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