The Morgan Library and Museum, NYC.

Last year while visiting NYC, I stopped by the Morgan Library and Museum. It’s funny because I had never heard of this place before until I stumbled upon it on Google Maps. When COVID madness dies down and you fancy bookish related stop in NYC, this is a place I recommend.

That ceiling!

The Morgan started out as the private library of banker and collector Pierpont Morgan. In 1924, it was donated to the public by his son. The collection housed in the Morgan Library consists of vintage editions of books, letters penned by well-known literary figures, collections of artwork and historical artifacts.

This place is a love letter to not only books but to the history of the written word.

A letter by Jane Austen to her sister

In a post covid world where we can travel without so much unease, book worms should add the Morgan to their list of stops.


  1. Yup, I’ll certainly visit there when next I’m in NYC. Because of Covid, I haven’t been to NYC all year. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without visiting in a very long while.

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