A quest for truth, whatever the cost. The Seventh Perfection by Daniel Polansky [eARC Review]

Thanks to Tor books for an digital Advanced Reader’s Copy for this novella which comes out September 22! This review is entirely my opinion.

The Quest

Manet is Amanuensis to the GodKing and has attained all Seven Perfections, the last one being a perfect memory; being able to recall everything with perfect clarity. A locket with a faded hologram of a woman has come into her possession. Who is this woman and where did the locket come from? Why is everyone determined she not search for the truth?

The Truth

Manet is asking questions she shouldn’t ask. Why are some people determined she not search for answers? What is the truth really? Turns out the truth is a relative thing. It changes with each perspective and is rewritten by those in power. If Manet continues pulling at this loose string it might unravel the very fabric of her city all the way up to the Godking and even herself, if she is not careful.

A story, altered and added to with every telling, the rough edges evened out. Who is to say that mine is any more accurate than your would be historian’s?

My thoughts

This relatively short read is unlike anything I’ve read. The style is unique and it is one of the things that hooked me. The chapters are mostly composed of people talking to her as she questions them. The style is a bit challenging and fun since you sometimes have to deduce things based on their answers. One thing leads to another like a puzzle as Manet gets closer to the truth, if there is such a thing anymore.

The style, the mystery, the questionable nature of some characters and this quest for the truth had me hooked. It was quite enjoyable although at times I’m not sure I fully grasped certain things and found myself rereading certain passages.

I found this to be a good palate cleanser between books and I highly recommend this if you want something quick and interesting to read with some food for thought.

I’m giving this one 4 out of 5 mortars.

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