Judging a book by its cover. Cover buys

It’s every reader’s guilty pleasure: buying books solely based on the cover. This list is a combination of many things: book I’ve bought with little or no information but the cover caught my eye, alternate editions of books I already own or books that were already on my to-read list and decided I had to own the fancy or obscure edition because I have little self control when it comes to books.

Empire of Silence

by Christopher Ruocchio

I bought this 2 years ago at a Barnes and Noble in New York City. I just wanted to walk away with a book, any book. I ended up with this one. I read that it was a cross between Dune and the Name of the Wind. I wouldn’t know since I’ve yet to read it.

And The Ocean was Our Sky

by Patrick Ness

Awesome cover and beautiful illustrations. Unfortunately, after buying it the feedback I’ve gotten from this book is not very good so I’ve yet to read it.

Folio Society Rainbow Fairy Books

These are probably a few of the best looking (and most expensive) books that I own. Most of these I got in bookshops in the U.K.

How to Make Friends With A Ghost

by Rebecca Green

Yes, this is a children’s book. But something about it piqued my curiosity.

The Book of the New Sun 1-4

by Gene Wolfe

I was interested in reading the first book but when I came across these editions with art by Bruce Pennington I fell in love. It was then I immediately decided to hunt them down and overpay to have these on my shelves. It was NOT easy to find them all. Unfortunately, this was a series which was a let down for me. I read book 1 and did not enjoy it that much. I started book 2 and decided to stop at page 20. I will not be continuing with this series.

the Eye of the World

B&N Edition

by Robert Jordan

Sure I have the hardcover with the original artwork but who doesn’t love a good faux leather book with gilded edges? Anyone think there’s a chance B&N could throw in another for Book 2?

Any impulsive cover buys anyone wants to share? Do you feel identified when people describe this urge to buy a pretty book?


  1. Oh I cover buy all the time. I’m easily swayed by a beautiful cover. The most recent cover-buy purchase I can think of is the updated cover for Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I love the illustration on it.

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