The Farseer Trilogy 20th anniversary edition [Book Design]

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Having been recommended Robin Hobb’s books by a few fantasy readers, a few months ago I dived in and bought all three books in the Farseer Trilogy. This 20th-anniversary edition matching set of books are bound in a navy blue cloth with silver details and sewn binding. I’ve fallen in love with those silver-gilded pages.

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Each slipcase has its own design. Mine already has a few bumps around the edges. The slipcases themselves don’t feel sturdy enough to hold a 600-page book and they feel a little fragile to me but it gets the job done. On the edges, there’s a cut out where that lets you easily take the book out of its slipcase which is not bad but it gives it a cutout cardboard look that takes away from the elegance of the overall design.

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Each book has an illustrated endpapers depicting a scene from that particular book.

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Processed with VSCO with a5 presetIn Book 1, Assassin’s Apprentice, there is an introduction by Robin Hobb, Fitz, the Fool and Nighteyes which is a nice touch. I’m always happy when a book includes a ribbon marker and something no fantasy book is complete without a world map. In its content it’s a pretty standard edition apart from the endpapers and the special introduction.


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I bought each of these for around 30-40+ USD from a third party seller on Amazon. On BookDepository these editions are around 60-80 dollars, twice the price. Overall this is a nice quality edition and if you can get it for around 40 dollars, it’s a good deal.

Has anyone been eyeing these beauties? What do you think?

By the time this goes up, I’ll have finished Book 1 so I’ll share my thoughts on it soon!





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