A Wizard of Earthsea Folio Society Edition [Book Design]

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I first read A Wizard of Earthsea, the first book in the Earthsea series, a few years ago and really enjoyed it. I love Le Guin’s writing style and although the book has some issues with the pacing, I can see why it stands out as a classic amongst fantasy fans. Originally published in 1968, Folio Society published its edition in 2015.

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No fantasy book is complete without its map. This one comes with a map of Earthsea as its endpapers. The map endpapers are drawn by Martin Sanders based on the originals by Le Guin.

A sewn spine, of course, but alas no ribbon marker! Although for a book this compact, with 232 pages, it doesn’t really feel like it needs one, at least for me. The book comes with a plain brown slipcase like most folio editions.

All 7 full-color illustrations are by David Lupton and it is introduced by David Mitchell.

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It is bound in buckram, printed and blocked with a design by David Lupton; set in Garamond with Dulcinea Serif display.





Although the rest of the books in the Earthsea Cycle I did not like as much as this first book, I’d definitely buy them if Folio Society published matching editions to complete this series. As for this edition itself, unfortunately, it is out of print on the folio society website For fans of Sparrowhawk, good luck hunting for it second hand!

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What are your thoughts on this edition and about the book itself? Have you read it and if so did you enjoy it?



  1. Wow, it seems like this book is truly well-designed. Usually it is the cover that appeals to me most but you are so right that other aspects like the sewn spine and the illustrations make it extra special. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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