Reading breaks?

Book slump! Lately, I’ve been feeling that it’s been awhile since I’ve found a book I’ve really enjoyed and loved without hesitation. My last few reads I liked but I didn’t love. I’ve been reading, slowly, but constantly these past few months and I got to thinking maybe it’s time for a break?


While there were books I liked, there were also books I felt like I was wasting my time reading. I felt maybe I’ve been reading so much I’m just numb to whatever I’m reading or feel a little overwhelmed. I think that might be the best way to describe it. So I decided to take a reading break for an undetermined period of time.

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Right not there’s a hole where reading use to be. I’ve been trying to fill it up with Netflix and other things I’ve got going on. It’ several weeks since I’ve started watching any new tv series so I’m hoping the change in routine will help me start reading again with a fresh mind and help me enjoy it more. Hopefully!

Has anyone felt overwhelmed with too much reading or rather reading a lot of books you don’t necessarily love or even like? I need to fall in love with a book again!giphy (3).gif

How do you get over a book slump? Please help!

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In the meantime, admiring this photo I took from Urquhart Castle overlooking Loch Ness. Sadly, I didn’t see any monsters.Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


  1. Sadly, reading slumps are as personalized as you are. I don’t know if I said this to you before or not, but making a reading cycle can help with the slumps because it takes the “choice” out of your hands. Having to choose a book can be a real downer for me. Of course, it all depends on how big your tbr is, how dedicated you are to a cycle and if you can ignore the “latest” book for months at a time.

    I definitely think you are doing the right thing by stepping away. If a hobby isn’t fun, then it stops being a hobby and becomes a chore and that just turns into a vicious cycle.

    As for things to take it’s place. How much exercise do you do on a daily basis? Is it an option to take a 30-40minute walk each evening? Or whenever you would normally read? Personally, I found that robbing banks always helped my reading slumps, but Mrs B put a stop to that pronto once we got married 😉

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    • lol I can see that she’s tamed your wild ways! I’ve actually been thinking about exercising. Just looking for the right kind of exercise to motivate me.

      How do you organize your tbr by cycle? Do you set a predetermined list of books you’re going to read and stick to that?

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      • re: Cycle. Here’s the quick and dirty:

        I picked 25 series/authors/themes and started with those. I put them all on my kindle and read them in order. Ie, Series 1, Series 2, etc. I cycle through them, no picking, no choosing. I put all the standalones in a Misc series so I get to them as well. I also created a High Priority series for any book that I “really” wanted to read. Instead of getting to those once a cycle (ie, one every 25 books), I do them every 7 books (7 because that is the number of collections on the front page of my kindle oasis).

        I slowly add books to my general tbr and when a series is finished on my kindle, I replace the finished series with a new on from my general tbr.

        I know that is kind of confusing, here’s a post with a few pix to illustrate:

        It does require some discipline to not add a bajillion books to your general tbr. I keep it at about 150, a years worth. When I move a series from there onto my kindle, then I feel like I can add another to it 🙂

        Hence the whole Cycle description!

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      • looks like a good way to read a little bit of everything; books you really want to read while still reading those you’ve been putting off and switching between themes too! I find after reading a few fantasy books I like to switch gears with something not fantasy related. I like this!

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      • The hardest part for me was finding the right number to cycle through. Too few and you feel like you’re in a circle. Too many and you forget all about the last book you read in Series X. I settled on 25 as that was just about 2months worth for me and that seems to be keep things settled down ok.

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