2017 Winter + Folio Society Book Haul

I’ve already done a wrap up of my reads last year so now I wanted to post something I enjoy even more: book hauls!

All these books were either gifts from other people and…ummm…from myself. Yes, I gift myself during Christmas because who knows better than me what books I want?

First, I received the illustrated Harry Potter books and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 2018-01-17-11-35-56-1.jpg

The next chunk of books are all Wheel of Time related! Specifically, the Barnes and Noble edition of the Eye of the World and also the graphic novel version of the book. After finding it on book outlet I found myself very curious to see how the world and characters from the Wheel of Time are illustrated. Also, the B&N edition is very nice to look at!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The Night Angel Trilogy I got randomly from someone who didn’t want these books anymore. I’ve not heard much about it but what little I have seen, readers really like these books. Not sure if I’ll fit them into my tbr yet.

IMG_0002A few other miscellaneous books were A Gathering of Shadows (I still need book one though), The Girl From the Other Side (not pictured here) and How To Make Friends With A Ghost. This last one is a children’s book I bought on a whim after hearing the description and loving it! I’ve never really bought children’s books like this one until now.

My newest Folio Society book is one I’ve posted about recently. It’s Dune by Frank Herbert, along with the 2018 Folio Diary. This edition of Dune is a little on the expensive side but amazing!






I’ll post a review of this edition at some point. Trying to think of how to use this really awesome folio society 2018 journal but I’m not much of a journal kind of guy.

Anyone get anything good for Christmas? So far I’m more than satisfied with my haul.


  1. That is one great book haul! That Dune folio alone is the best ever. I wish I could take that journal off your hands, but obviously, the shipping wouldn’t be worth it.

    For what’s it worth, I enjoyed the Night Angel trilogy.

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  2. The Dune folio is on my wish list as well, and I absolutely love the beauty and quality of their products. I have a copy of The War of the Roses that I bought as part of their New Year sale and can’t wait to dive into it. Great post!

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