A Feast for Crows 2011 Harper Voyager Slipcase edition [Book Design]


I wrote this post a few months ago. I was planning on posting it sometime during September but Hurricane Maria messed with my plans. So after driving around looking for wifi to get my usual things done, I can also take the chance to post this!

This month I wanted to share my thoughts on the overall design and quality of Harper Voyager’s slipcase edition of A Feast For Crows by George R.R. Martin.

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The rest of the books in A Song of Ice and Fire series have also been published in this particular edition but they are very hard to come by and very expensive. For example, A Storm of Swords (Book 3) is being sold at a price range of $250-270 on eBay and Amazon as of 9/17/2017. The complete set is being sold by a European seller for 1,499.00 euros. I’m surprised at how brazen some people are asking for an absurd amount! For someone wanting to complete the set, like me, the question is: is it worth paying around $250 dollars for each edition?


Ribbon bookmark!


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any info on the materials used to make these editions. For some book collectors, if you’re paying a hefty price tag the materials should have a higher quality.

Let’s start with the binding. The binding is a bit stiff and the pages don’t stay open easily,

unnamed (3)you have to keep holding a something on the page. This isn’t that bad but with a book this size, I’d say it’s best to have a book that isn’t stiff and lends itself well to keeping it open and turning the pages. The binding might be stiff because it’s glued. For me, it’s appalling to pay more than a $50 dollar price tag and not have a sewn binding. With time, the binding can start to come apart for such a big book. The ribbon bookmark is a nice touch but some endpapers with some sort of illustration would’ve been nice.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Also, the edges of the pages are starting to yellow and for me that might be indicative that acid-free paper was not used. Shame! Shame!


Overall, it’s a nice edition to look at but with new slipcase editions by Harper Voyager these older editions pale in comparison. While the exterior is nice, the interior, with its plain endpapers, falls flat.

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