7 reasons why you should start reading Mistborn

“Yes, Tell me, Mistress. What is it that you believe?”
“What kind of question is that?”
“The most important kind, I think.”

I started reading the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson last year. I had no idea I would be starting a wonderful journey with this series and come across my newest favorite author. I’ve come across a few posts where people have had the intention of reading Mistborn but keep putting it off. DON’T! I know it’s hard! More books keep grabbing our attention constantly. Need more convincing? Then here are my 7 reasons why you should start reading the Mistborn series this minute!

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  1. Worldbuilding

I am a huge fan of high fantasy series. High fantasy meaning the book takes place in a different world than ours. This book takes place in the world of Scadrial, where ash falls from the sky, the sun is red instead of yellow and a mysterious mist permeates the night. In Scadrial there exists a totalitarian regime in the form of the Final Empire ruled by the god-like Lord Ruler.

These are the basics for where this series takes place however, there is so much more to this book. Intrigue and politics also take center stage making things more interesting. For me, it was a joy reading about this world and its mechanics.

2. Unique Magic system

For fantasy fans, one of the things we also take into consideration apart from the plot, characters, etc. is the magic system. This one is particularly unique. Among the populace, there exists Allomancers/Mistborn who can unlock abilities through the use of different kinds of metals. Mind you, I’m being very vague here and there’s more to it than what I’ve just said. One of the greatest things about reading a fantasy book with an awesome magic system is discovering it and understanding it for yourself. There are layers and layers of this magic that you keep learning about until the very end of the first Mistborn trilogy so there’s always new information and never a dull moment in this regard.

3. Quirky and lovable ensemble of characters

The cast of characters is varied and all with their own unique endearing quirks. Breeze, the master manipulator who puts on a front of scoundrel and uncaring thief; Hammond, the strong man, always posing interesting philosophical questions to spark debate. These secondary characters are what make the story even richer and vibrant. You can have awesome protagonists but it’s the secondary characters that make you feel like this is your newest fictional family.

4. Wonderful character development

I have to say, Sanderson is a master in character development in this first trilogy. Regarding characters, for me, sometimes there comes a point where if you’ve read the first book, then the second and later a third, some characters can become somewhat monotonous. Not so with Mistborn. A few of the characters change and evolve as the series progresses and find themselves to be very different people compared to when you start book one. Sanderson gives you a glimpse into their thoughts and you see each character’s internal debates and how this influences their changes.

“I have no idea what you just said child so I’m simply going to pretend it was coherent, then move on.”

Mistborn artwork by Marc Simonetti 

5. Plot

Perhaps you’ve heard things regarding the plot of the first or maybe all three books. I’d rather not say since when I first read the book I only knew about the allomancy part and that was it. I did not know basically anything storywise. But at least let me tell you that the plot moves along at a good pace. It picks up where it needs to and slows down to give us more information or to continue building up the story. For me, the “slow parts” were anything but dull and I found myself to be very interested in what was going on and in the “problems” our characters tackle and how they might resolve them. Book 2 is slower in this respect but has big payoffs towards the end and towards Book 3.

6. Romance

For those who are interested in some romance in your fantasy books, you’re in luck! The central romance of this book I enjoyed very much. It feels like an organic evolution to a relationship as the series progresses. Most importantly! the series does not revolve entirely around this romance! I personally do NOT enjoy books that focus so much on the romance. For me, it takes away from the plot or other aspects of the book. Although this book kind of reads like a young adult book it isn’t, where I’m told this can happen frequently. The romance is one aspect of the book that is developed alongside all the others I’ve mentioned. There are a few relationships that develop that I loved reading about because of the different dynamics between each one. Each romantic relationship I found to have their own separate dynamic making it a unique relationship; it isn’t just a bunch of people falling in love and staring longingly at each other or having those fallouts and make ups just for the sake of having something interesting happen.

7. Everything comes together

I think this is the pièce de résistance. Everything happens for a reason! Or at least a great majority of it does. By the end of this series I was like “Woah, I hadn’t even thought about this thing but it fits with this other thing that happened!So many puzzle pieces fall into place, everything comes together to make this big, beautiful picture! I love books like these! Where things that have happened or elements of the book that you took for granted at some point really have a purpose and when it is finally revealed, you’re left dumbstruck and speechless. This was my reaction to finishing Mistborn!

While there are probably more reasons, these are my top 7! For fantasy readers you haven’t given Sanderson a shot or who have but not read Mistborn yet, I hope I’ve made a compelling case for you to read it!

“I never wanted to be feared. If I regret one thing, it is the fear I have caused. Fear is the tool of tyrants. Unfortunately, when the fate of the world is in question, you use whatever tools are available.” 

Is anyone planning on reading Mistborn? Have you read it already? Do you have a reason to read or not to read Mistborn?



  1. I love this series for all the reasons you’ve listed! It also took me a long time to get to reading it but once I did I certainly didn’t regret it. Everything really does all come together beautifully at the end. Oh, and I loved so many of the characters… particularly the Kandra characters.

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    • In the last book, the Kandra plotline was one of the parts that I loved I’m not sure why! I was rooting for TenSoon. I found him to be a very interesting character. Sazed I loved throughout although in the last book he was getting on my nerves a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I felt exactly the same! TenSoon’s story was one of my favourite parts and I was really rooting for him too. I loved watching him defy all the superior older Kandra and their stuffy traditions. I also loved Sazed, but you’re right, he did get a little mopey and annoying in the last book (understandably, but still).


  2. Mistborn is one of my 3 favorite novels (Ender’s Game and God Emperor of Dune are the other two), and the trilogy is, in my opinion, one of the strongest trios of novels I’ve read to date.
    Among other things I love how Sanderson often sets us up to view a specific event as “the end of the story”, but then it keeps going, surpassing that outcome in scale and significance. Really makes for a thrilling conclusion every time.
    One of the things I most loved about the Mistborn trilogy was how audiences consistently see a character with these amazing powers, which leave us in awe and wonder at what they are capable of.
    Then, after we’ve seen “the trick”, we gradually learn the finer points of “how they do it”, and what appears to be “magic” instead becomes a very precise application of skill and ingenuity.
    And I love Vin’s journey over the course of the story. While every character goes on a journey, Vin’s in particular is really well done, and quite the complex transformation.


    • The magic is one of the things that rally hooked me.

      agreed, definitely loved Vin’s character development over the course of all 3 books. I also found Elend’s development so interesting to read, going from introverted scholar to king who is forced to make hard choices. I was hesitant to continue reading the Mistborn Era 2 books but I guess I’ll get around to them as I’m curious what Sanderson has up his sleeve with these.

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      • I’ve heard they are very different, almost a different readimg level. And, with the conflicts of the trilogy resolved, what follows doesn’t quite compare.


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