The Shadow Rising (Book 4 of the Wheel of Time) by Robert Jordan [Review]

wheel of timeSpoiler free review

Read: April 2017

“The Shadow shall rise across the world, and darken every land, even to the smallest corner, and there shall be neither Light nor safety. And he who shall be born of the Dawn, born of the Maiden, according to Prophecy, he shall stretch forth his hands to catch the Shadow, and the world shall scream in the pain of salvation. All Glory be to the Creator, and to the Light, and to he who shall be born again. May the Light save us from him.”

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First I want to start off saying that if you’re a fantasy fan, you should give the Wheel of Time a try. I started reading the series last year after coming across it on Goodreads. This series has a few years on it but I rarely come across people who have given it a shot. From the reviews I read, people seemed to consider it a classic in fantasy comparable to Tolkien but here was the catch that made me think thrice…the series is 14 books! 14 books (15 if you count the prequel)!! Would I ever finish reading this series?? Would I ever find time to read enough juggling my never-ending tests, quizzes, and projects during my 3rd year of pharmacy school?? If only future me could find some sort of way to send me a message and let me know. Alas, we must wait and see if I ever finish this series. Good news is I dove right in and I’ve reached book 6; only 8 left…should I feel accomplished by this feat or daunted by the one ahead?

Based on the first 3 books I have to say I’m really loving this series. The mythology and history I find to be fleshed out and compelling and some characters are likable while others bordering on the annoying (Nynaeve’s endless braid tugs and the women’s never ending arguing towards all men). The general plot, while some may find cliched (small “town” boy is the chosen one destined to battle the Dark One and his evil minions), I generally like and cannot judge it too harshly. For those that do I say: using that same logic, wouldn’t Harry Potter be just as bad (or good)?

Based on my rating for the first 3 books (5 out of 5), this book really does deserve the same since I find this entry to be very similar from the last 3 books. But maybe that’s why I was feeling like this was dragging a bit; I find the characters to be exactly the same with the same quirks that were likable at first but just annoying three books later (with maybe a few exceptions) due to the author being quite repetitive to the point of it being absurd…braid/hair tugs, anyone?

“I’ll not have you bleeding to death on me. That would be just like you, to die and leave me the work of burying you. You have no consideration.” 

This last quote I found funny. The series, for the most part, puts women and men on opposite sides, forever arguing and mistrusting one another with some rare exceptions where romance blossoms. This whole never-ending battle of the sexes that has started since book one I find to be amusing at times but really had me annoyed this time around. I’m suspecting this will continue so I’ve had to accept it, but still it really gets on my nerves. With this whole hate thing between men and women, its a wonder they ever settle down with each other…side note: anyone thinks that the Red Ajah might be a club of man hating lesbians? kidding.

Still, this book is a solid entry into the series. We learn more of past events from the Age of Legends and we get more back story into certain characters or group of characters, which I find to be the most interesting parts. The book’s MVP for me was Perrin all the way! Go Goldeneyes!

To sum this up, I’m still invested in the overall plot and I enjoyed this book for the most part while a small part of me is left feeling a bit drained and annoyed.

4 out of 5 mortars





Has anyone read or planning to read any Wheel of Time books? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Yo!!! I agreed with almost everything here. I liked the first and second books, but the plot began to drag after a while and YES!! I’m so annoyed by the battle of the sexes and Nynaeve tugging her braid all the damn time. She’s either angry or not. It’s as if she shows no other emotion except anger.
    A lot of things aren’t fleshed out so there’s no telling if the Red adjah hate everything about men or just certain aspects of men or what. Do they ever have feelings for men or for women or not?


    • I’m curious to see whether all this stays in the books that Sanderson finished. Sanderson is a favorite of author of mine so I’m really looking forward to those last three books.

      I know right! It just made me randomly wonder since the books mention a few times how they dislike men most of the time haha.


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