May-June Book Haul/Currently Reading

For a long time, I did not buy physical copies of books until recently. I went on a trip to Florida and was jumping from bookstore to bookstore whenever I could and all of a sudden I couldn’t resist! I must’ve gone to 6-8 different bookstores in a week.


  1. Lord of Chaos (Book 6 of The Wheel of Time)- Robert Jordan
  2. Dark Matter- Blake Crouch
  3. Elantris by Brandon Sanderson
  4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (20th anniversary Hufflepuff edition)- JK Rowling

giphy (3)


  1. A Memory of Light (Book 14 of The Wheel of Time)- Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
  2. Orlando- Virginia Woolf
  3. La Pareja de al Lado (The Couple Next Door)- Shari Lapena
  4. Dragon Sword and Wind Child- Noriko Ogiwara

giphy (4).gif

Bought fantasies more than anything else but I’m hoping to balance it out with a few classics in the future.

Now I don’t see myself like other readers who buy tons of books which most of them they’re not sure they’re going to like. Most of the books that I buy are books that either I’ve already read and want to own the physical book or those rare moments where I feel good about the book’s synopsis and I dare to buy the book (like when I bought Orlando in this past month- awesome cover). I don’t see myself buying 20+ of random books a month.

Side note- in May I discovered that I was a Hufflepuff! I was in denial at first but I’ve come to accept and embrace it. Hence the Hufflepuff edition I bought!

I’m currently reading Lord of Chaos and I want to read something not fantasy related when I finish. 

Recommendations? Anyone have a mantra for book buying- do you buy previously read books or do you buy whatever you can find?



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