Dragon Sword and Wind Child by Noriko Ogiwara [book design]

They say never judge a book by its cover but who am I kidding? I judge books by their covers. I mean who doesn’t love looking at a nice hardback or even leatherbound edition on their bookshelves?

I just received this beautiful copy of Dragon Sword and Wind Child [Book 1 of Tales of Magatama] by Noriko Ogiwara. After my trip to Japan 2 years ago, I decided that not only did I want to learn about the country by visiting it but I was also curious about Japanese literature. And so I ordered this book after I got back home, which to be honest, I don’t remember how I came across this book.

From what I gather, this is a sort of Japanese fairy tale/young adult fantasy. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Blurb: “In the land of Toyoashihara, the forces of the God of Light and the Goddess of Darkness have waged war for generations. But for 15-year old Saya, the war is far away and unimportant–until the day she discovers she is the reincarnation of the Water Maiden and a princess of the Children of the Dark. Raised to love the Light and detest the Dark, Saya must come to terms with her heritage even as she is tumbled into the very heart of the conflict that is destroying her country. Both the army of the Light and Dark seek to claim her, for she is the only mortal who can awaken the legendary Dragon Sword, the weapon destined to end the war. Can Saya make the dreadful choice between the Light and Dark, or is she doomed like all the Water Maidens who have come before her?”

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Fortunately, I was surprised by the beauty of this book. I wasn’t expecting much but the dust jacket is very nicely designed and I’ve fallen in love with the illustration on the front cover and also another one included inside the book. The predominant color in this book is blue which I find very nice and soothing. I’m probably biased since blue is my favorite color 🙂

giphy (2)
Additional illustration inside. Illustrated by Miho Safake

Each chapter begins with a simple but elegant black and white illustration with the chapter title and the back page has a quote. giphy (3)

giphy (1)
Here’s the front cover and spine without the dust jacket

I like books that have some sort of design or text on the front cover without the dust jacket so this one at least has that.I am hoping to read this sometimes soon and will post the review when I do.

What do you think? Anyone inspired to read any Japanese literature or has already read some?


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