Monstress Vol. 1: Awakening [Review]

“To quote the poets…we’re fucked.” review2Read: June 2017

Reading Monstress was something I’d been putting off for awhile now. Volume 1 came out last year. Monstress is a graphic novel set in a different world than ours with different races [animal like creatures called Arcanics and talking cats; yes that’s right!] that live there including humans. Its setting has a sort of Asian vibe crossed with Egyptian with something else entirely that is just beautiful. This graphic novel is beautifully illustrated, not just the world itself but the characters.multo-0010

The story revolves around Maika Halfwolf and her quest to find answers regarding her past. Maika begins to discover she has a strange connection to a being of great power. Arcanics and humans are enemies who have been at war until recently and Maika finds herself in the middle, both factions wanting her for their own reasons. The society of this world is more matriarchal so the book has mostly female characters who are very different and interesting.


At first, it’s a little confusing and even after having read this I still have questions but I guess that’s the point; this makes readers want more! I will try and keep reading this series.

If you’re a jaded graphic novel lover that is looking to mix it up with something not superhero related, this is a fantastic choice. 

5 out of 5 mortars




  1. Nice review! This sounds so unique and the art looks clean and crisp. I’m actually more of a manga reader but I’ll have to add this to my TBR list.

    Also, I love that you use a mortar and pestle as your rating system. And I read your bio; congratulations on completing pharmacy school! I just finished my first year. XD

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