In defense of Batman v Superman

So on a non-book related note…

Last year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released. I was so eager to see it. I am a fan of DC comics, although I don’t keep up with them on a regular basis, and I was ready for it to blow me away. I had heard that the overall reviews were not very good. It currently has a 28% on Rotten Tomatoes. After watching it, I wondered if the negative reviews were justified.



My first impression after I watched it was confusion I guess.



I liked it sure! But at first I felt that it was jumping around between so many plot points: Clark/Superman going after Bruce, Bruce after the kryptonite and eventually Clark/Superman, Lois investigating, the Senator, Lex. I wanted to be able to hit pause on that movie screen and try and digest just what was happening. All of these plot points converged on one final result. A showdown between Batman and Superman and later against Doomsday.

A year later I rewatched the Ultimate Edition but even without the extra scenes, I was able to grasp a lot of things. Among other things, I hadn’t noticed that Lex’s thugs were purposely targeting prisoners with the Bat branded into them, in order to get Clark’s attention and further force him into a confrontation. Lex’s plans on trying to tarnish Superman’s reputation also tried to have the same effect. After I rewatched it I felt that this is a movie that, if you didn’t get it the first time around (like me) you need to watch a second time in order to fully appreciate the plot and how elaborate it can be.

It’s a smart movie! What I liked about it overall is that sure we know from the comics that Lex is the bad guy but for the heroes, the real bad guy isn’t clearly pointed out to them and they each must wrestle with the moral dilemmas of having to face each other. For Clark, it’s having to choose whether to save his mother or kill Batman. For Bruce, it’s becoming the same kind of monster that killed his parents if he chooses to go through with killing Superman. So after a rewatch I found that the movie and its plot was well designed and smart.  So after finally having reached this conclusion, I was saying, “But why aren’t the seasoned critics aware of this??! Just why is it supposedly that bad to earn a 28%?”


Just thought this was funny! 😛

A certain reviewer wrote, “Batman v Superman is a tiresome, ill-tempered film, and one too lazy even to earn its dismal outlook.” Another wrote, “If only the film actually had depth, along with a little levity to lighten the bulk in the script, the visual murk and the sonic overkill.”


So after reading similar reviews like this, I got a general feeling that people thought it was too dark and depressing and were hoping for some levity or humor sprinkled throughout. Well, sorry but this isn’t a Marvel movie where the heroes take funny jabs at each other every so often. I kept thinking, was it dark? Sure. Was it too dark? Maybe. But then I thought, if we’re going to judge this movie by those standards, isn’t the Dark Knight suppose to be terrible then? It’s one of the darkest superhero movies around, isn’t it?



Well, everyone is titled to their opinion and I respect that. I guess the point of all this was to express my thoughts on its somewhat unfair judgment (in my opinion). I guess this movie was made more for the fans especially the comic book fans and I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

What are your thoughts? Did you hate Batman v Superman or did you find yourself rooting for the underdog?

On another note, has anyone seen Wonder Woman yet?



  1. Late to the party here.

    I LOVED Man of Steel and so was really looking forward to BvS. Then all the reviews started coming in and it felt like a Hate Fest. I held off and didn’t watch it until the Directors Cut, and I really enjoyed it. I just don’t understand critics sometimes…

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